• Clear Safari cookies, Smartly!

    Protect your privacy by clearing Safari cookies automatically and smartly.

One new friend for Safari

Why You Would Need It

Living on Menubar

Living quietly on Menu bar, iCookie can help you clear cookie for any website through a simple click.

Background Cleaning

Protect your privacy by clearing Safari cookies automatically. Everything is done in background.

Favorites Manager

Mark as any website you want to keep cookies as favorites, and iCookie will not clear cookies for these websites.

Cloud Sync

Back up your favorites list or keep your favorites in sync between multiple Macs.

Made for Safari

No need to leave the website you are currently visiting. Free cookies on the fly!

Navtive OS X Technology

Built with powerful OS X technology, iCookie makes your work more productive.

iCookie for Mac

* Requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher

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